Case details and moving solution

Grants helped a customer move from their seven bedroom property in Purley to a smaller house in the Cotswolds.

The customer had lived in the property for quite some time and decided to move to a smaller home as they had recently retired.

As there was so much furniture and a wide range of personal possessions, they decided to use our storage facilities until they were settled in their new property. This gave them time to work out what they needed.

Found us: Via an internet search.                                                ideal_home_show_grants_removals2

Moving from: Seven bedroom house in Purley to smaller home in the Cotswolds.

Cubic ft: 1000 and 150 boxes used.

Process: Day one of the move: Four of our men helped the customer pack the day before the move to ensure they were ready on time.

Day two:  Our men filled four containers and transported them  to our storage facility in Hackbridge. We then stored the goods for a month before delivering them to the Cotswolds.

Grants can help!

Del Grant, owner of Grants Removals, says: “Lots of older clients decide to relocate to different parts of the country, often to quieter areas or to be closer to their families.

“If you have a larger property and you require help to move, our team can manage the whole process for you. They do take the stress out of moving.”

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