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Send your worries packing, by putting your contents in our capable hands.

Let us take one thing off your enormous to-do list with a partial or full packing service.

For busy people, packing is a seemingly endless task. It takes time, but it takes care, to pack in an organised fashion, and with the right skill and packing equipment to minimise damages and breakages.

Our team have got packing down to a fine art. We’re efficient, but not rushed. We’re skilled, but not complacent. We’re incredibly careful, but also realistic, and in the rare case of any breakages have the insurance and customer service in place to make things right.

You can expect;

  • An upfront quotation based on your survey
  • Carefully planned time built into the schedule to get it all done
  • A flexible packing service with the option of china/glassware only
  • An organised system of boxing and labelling to aid efficient unpacking
  • A professional and careful team
  • Insurance and good customer service in the case of any concerns

Moving is a big deal. And we want to see you happily into your new home.

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