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It won’t just be us smiling (because we love what we do), it will be you as well (because you’ll love how we do it).

“We laughed all day”.

“An enjoyable experience”.

“We had lots of fun”.

This is not usually how you hear people describing their moving day.

But a read of our reviews will reveal how our customers do feel overwhelmingly positive about their experience when they move with us.

Why Grants Removals Banstead?

Because we have a professional, expert team who know exactly what they are doing, work together like a dream, enjoy interacting with our customers and are dedicated to ensuring a smooth, non-stressful, efficient move.

It’s our mission to see you in your new home, feet up, celebrating in style as soon as is feasibly possible. And this means we plan properly, use our experience to overcome delays or access challenges and always aim to do it with a smile on our face and a bounce in our step, even in tricky situations or inclement weather.

You see, we’ve been doing this a while now. And feedback from customers who return to us and refer us, who say things like ‘complete heroes’, ‘there’s only one Grants Removals’ and ‘the perfect move’, mean the world to us.

Moving is a big deal - and we want to see you happy at the end of it.

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Removals Banstead
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“Efficient, courteous and friendly”

Always moving forwards

Looking for “removals Banstead”, Surrey, London or further afield? So, you’re moving on. But the world of removals moves on too, and we’re determined to invest in the best technology and transportation to help our customers.

This has meant upgrading to a prestigious fleet of smart, more environmentally-friendly low emission vehicles, recognisable for all the right reasons as we make our way around the capital and the suburbs, moving people in and out of London.

It also means we offer time-efficient, Covid-safe virtual surveys, where we can provide your quote in a socially distanced way, offering peace of mind and convenience.

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Send your worries packing with our removal, packing and storage services

As moving day looms, things can get stressful, we know that. Dates can change, delays can happen, there’s not enough time in the day to get everything done, and you have work, family and pets to contend with. You may have beloved larger items such as furniture or a piano, face tricky access in a flat or terraced home or need a combination of storage and removal solutions.

But there’s good news. Our guys, the heroes that they are (a client’s words not ours) take the challenges on the chin and find work-arounds to most problems.

Our services are designed to take the stress out, while successfully moving you in.


grants removals Surrey vans
When you request a quote, we’ll perform a thorough survey of your home and belongings and talk to you about what needs to go where in your new home or into storage. This can now be done ‘virtually’ to save everyone time and reduce risk in these difficult times.

The quote will be based on;

  • Packing or partially packing – whatever you need
  • Full removal, part storage, full storage
  • Challenging access points and any specialist equipment needed
  • Large, bulky or high value items and any specialist equipment needed
  • Volume of items
  • Number of rooms
  • Any dismantling and rebuilding of items required
  • Distance you are moving
  • Parking

Call for a no obligation survey and quote. 020 8640 6885

grants removals london
We’ll turn up bright and early, and frequently surprise customers with the upbeat, positive efficiency of our hard-working team.

You can expect;

  • An experienced, professional team
  • Full uniform
  • Smart, low emissions vehicles
  • Friendly and fun professionals who will put you at ease
  • Efficient service
  • Fully insured
  • Extreme care taken to avoid breakages or damage
  • Excellent customer service and reasonable response in the rare case of any breakage or damage

Call for a no obligation survey and quote. 020 8640 6885

packing service london
Let us take one thing off your enormous to-do list with a partial or full packing service.

For busy people, packing is a seemingly endless task. It takes time, but it takes care, to pack in an organised fashion, and with the right skill and packing equipment to minimise damages and breakages.

Our team have got packing down to a fine art. We’re efficient, but not rushed. We’re skilled, but not complacent. We’re incredibly careful, but also realistic, and in the rare case of any breakages have the insurance and customer service in place to make things right.

You can expect;

  • An upfront quotation based on your survey
  • Carefully planned time built into the schedule to get it all done
  • A flexible packing service with the option of china/glassware only
  • An organised system of boxing and labelling to aid efficient unpacking
  • A professional and careful team
  • Insurance and good customer service in the case of any concerns

Call for a no obligation survey and quote. 020 8640 6885

grants removals and storage london
Moving into rented accommodations, a smaller property or overseas?

Sometimes, a move requires a partial or full move of items into storage, depending on your circumstances.

We offer storage in our own secure warehouses and we’re experienced in managing storage moves. When the time is right, we’ll move your items back out of storage into your property.

You can expect;

  • Thorough survey and quote listing the items for storage
  • Option of storage in one of our two secure warehouses
  • Flexible solution to take all your belongings or smaller number of items
  • Full or part-retrieval and delivery
  • Short or long-term arrangements available
  • Fully secure units with CCTV, only permitted to be accessed by our team

Call for a no obligation survey and quote. 020 8640 6885

Grants Removals & Storage Ltd is an established family run firm serving Surrey and South London.

removals banstead del grant grants removals
Hello, I’m Del Grant, owner and founder at Grants Removals & Storage Ltd.

I like to put a smile on people’s faces and that’s why I’ve built a hard-working loyal team who love being part of the ‘Grants family’. I believe that if we all enjoy our work and take pride in it, then you, the customer, will have a great experience.

We’ve spent over 20 years building a strong reputation and a loyal client base in London and the surrounding areas.

But we never sit still or get complacent. We’re continually learning, improving, investing.

Our many outstanding reviews and returning customers are testament to the friendly, warm professionalism, sense of humour and ease that we’ll bring to your home on what can be a stressful few days.

One customer described our service as “military-like precision”. Another claimed to have experienced “the perfect move”. One of our testimonials even said “we laughed all day”. And while we can’t promise that last one, you definitely can trust us to handle your move, look after your things and look after you.

Call to find out more. 020 8640 6885

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"We go the extra mile to make you smile"

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