A relocation firm based in the Netherlands has contacted Grants to request help with another move.

The relocation company normally operates in Russia and the Ukraine, but is increasing the number of international moves it manages.

The company asked Grants to supply three men for the first part of the move to unpack a lorry at a house in St John’s Wood. They retained two of our men to complete the job on the second day.

Del Grant, owner of Grants Removals, says: “If you are a local firm or an international company looking for staff to help you complete a personal or corporate move, we can help.

“Companies regularly look for help to complete a move, paying to use our staff on a day rate.  We also help to complete jobs if firms do not have enough lorries, vans or storage space.”

If you would like to hire experienced staff, vehicles or storage space to help with a move, call Grants on 0808 100 1960 or 020 8640 6885. You can also email us.