Grants Removals recently helped a customer who had lived in his home in Carshalton Beeches for the last 60 years.  

Over such a prolonged period the mover had collected a lot of clutter in his four-bedroom house, and it was full of a mixture of furniture and rubbish.  

As the customer had struggled to throw away items from the home over the years, he had been on a hoarding awareness course to help him work out what he needed to take with him and what to dispose of.

Del Grant, owner of Grants Removals, says: “I went to visit the house and it took a while to understand how many lorries would be needed to take his items to his new home, and how much needed to go to the tip.  

“Once I went round the house, and we came up with a plan, we gave the customer a price for the move including using our storage facilities while he was gettin ready to exchange and complete on his new purchase.” 

An average family would normally need 60-100 boxes to pack the contents of their home, but our customer needed 250 boxes. We sorted the rubbish in the basement and this required three lorry loads to go to the tip.  

Long drive up north 

Our customer was moving into a property in the north of England during the coronavirus lockdown. After the long drive, our team needed a place to stay overnight once they had unloaded the lorries, this was a challenge because three quarters of all hotels were closed, but luckily we had found somewhere for them to spend the night before the long drive home the next day.

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