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Grants Office Removals for Croydon, Surrey & South East England

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Office Removals in Croydon, Surrey and South East England

Office Removals

Grants Removals & Storage Ltd offer a complete relocation service for companies in Croydon, Surrey and South East England.  Whatever the size of your business, Grants Removals and Storage Ltd can develop a moving plan which will be well organised and tailor-made to suit your company requirements.

When you relocate, Grants Removals & Storage Ltd will make the process run smoothly, efficiently and cost-effectively.

We can move your company at dates and times convenient to the running of your business; during weekends or throughout the night if you wish. We will work continuous shifts to ensure that your move is completed within your time schedules and with the minimum disruption to your business routine.

Floor Plans

Please prepare a plan of each floor at your new premises indicating where you require office furniture and equipment to be located. Rooms should be numbered individually, in sequential order. Furniture and equipment within each room should be letter coded or numbered also in sequence. Please place the plans in prominent positions at entry to each room/floor or alternatively hand directly to our consultant prior to move.

Please inform the caretaker of your old and new premises when you are moving and obtain permissions to use lifts and keep the building open to complete the move. Lift Engineers should be on stand-by in case of break-down. Delays can be expensive.

Colour Coding

Grants Removals & Storage Ltd will supply coloured labels for you to attach to all your furniture, equipment and packing containers. Allocate a different colour of label to each floor in your new premises, then write the room number and position number of each item on that label according to the layout plans of the new premises. Everything to be moved must be labelled.

Transit Insurance

Storage crate hireWe strongly recommend you obtain the correct cover from your insurer, in writing, as far in advance of the proposed removal dates as possible. If you require advice in this respect or wish to utilise our insurance services please contact our offices.

Blue Crates

Crate hire is the most efficient and cost-effective method of relocating office contents. These polypropylene crates can be easily stacked and transported to the new location.

Crates can nest within one another when empty, or stack on top of one another when full. By using the simple but effective heavy duty flip-over metal stacking bars, containers can be stacked safely without crushing the contents.


Filing cabinets (4-drawer) or similar should be emptied unless specifically instructed by our representative. Cabinets should be locked and keys retained by your personnal. If they cannot be locked, please secure with tape.

Desk & Tables

All desks should be emptied. Please do not lock drawers. Label each section of desk or table as some may have to be dismantled before being moved.

Plan Chests

In some cases these can be moved full and in other cases they will have to be emptied. Our consultant will advise you on the best method of moving them.


All bookcases/cupboards should be emptied and items packed. Sliding doors must be left open and labelled. Please label each section of the book case.

Complete IT Removals

Grants Removals & Storage Ltd can offer to its clients a complete IT removals service.

We use a specialist team to decommission, transport, relocate and re-commission all types of computer equipment, from network servers to individual PCs.

Our usual methodology for packing and repacking computer equipment is as follows:

  • Each individual peripheral is packed inside an anti-static bubble bag and placed into a polycarbonate purpose-built computer crate lined with polystyrene chips.
  • The computer crate is designed to house the VDU, CPU, keyboard, mouse, relevant cables and systems manuals; it is supplied with security lids and seals.
  • Leads are packed into individual, sealable polybags and labeled.
  • Computer crates are labeled with the destination code.
  • Air-ride or other relevant specialist vehicles are used for transporting of IT equipment.
  • Equipment is unpacked by the dedicated IT team and positioned in accordance with the layout plans.
  • Equipment is unpacked onto the appropriate desk; a sheet of bubble-wrap is left under the equipment to ensure no damage is incurred to the desk surface.
  • All redundant packaging equipment and crates are removed from the site.

If you are looking for a reliable removal firm to help you relocate, call Grants on 0808 100 1960 or 020 8640 6885. You can also email us.

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