Grants Removals and Storage Ltd helped Lesley Clarke move from her large home in North London to a new house in Hertfordshire. 

Because of the size of the house and the huge volume of goods to move we decided to carry out the move over three weeks.

Our team packed and export wrapped everything over five days and moved a large chunk of the house contents into our storage facility over three days. The plan was to make the actual move smaller, so it was more manageable and obviously less stressful.

Once Lesley got the keys to her new home we moved her and her essentials in on completion day and then delivered the rest of the contents out of store over the next week.

In Lesley Clarke’s review, she said: “I had three very helpful men that did a great job over 14 days. They were always cheerful, helpful and respectful. They helped alleviate some of the stress moving from a very large house in London to the countryside.” 

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