Our customer recently closed his Chinese restaurant in London and relocated to Hong Kong.

While he was in the process of moving overseas and sourcing new business premises, he used Grants commercial storage facilities.

He wanted to be in a position where he could ensure his goods could be transported quickly and efficiently. It took around six weeks for the shipment to arrive in Hong Kong.

Del Grant, owner of Grants Removals and Storage, says: “Customers ask us to arrange for a whole range of items to be shipped overseas and sometimes they are more unusual than others.

“We work with a specialist international firm to help us arrange moves. One customer recently arranged for her furniture to be moved to Jamaica after deciding to leave her home in Epsom, Surrey.

If you are looking for a reliable removal firm to help you send items overseas, call us on 0808 100 1960 or 020 8640 6885. You can also email us.