Meet the Team

Gavin & Carol

Gavin & Carol of Grants RemovalsGavin makes up half of the backbone of our office and has been with us for 12 years. More often than not if you phone the office Gav will answer the phone in his friendly chirpy manner and be able to assist you with booking surveys, the answering any of your questions or concerns about the moving process, and generally deal with any problems that may arise during the course of the day to day running of the office. He also makes a great cup of tea,so if you`re passing feel free to pop in and sample the delights. Gav’s passion is Land Rover’s and he is often found driving round muddy fields at the weekend. He has also recently been voted Chairman of the local Land Rover club.

Carol is the other half of the backbone of our office. She is Gav`s better half and has completely transformed the day to day workings of our office since her arrival in early 2013. After working in middle management for 20 years in the leisure industry she feels right at home with us now enjoying the day to day banter with all the boys. Like Gavin Carol likes her cars, she is the proud owner of a bright purple Figaro. She is also a member of the owners club.


Terry of Grants RemovalsTerry is a very experienced driver/supervisor but he now spends most of his day sitting in the warm drinking tea, talking to customers and doing site surveys for me. He is a world of knowledge and has been in the industry for over 25 years. Terry worked for one of Britain’s largest commercial moving companies for many years, running a huge team of staff on site for the likes of the BBC and the Metropolitan Police among many others. Terry’s passion is horse racing. He’s a little too big to be a jockey, but he enjoys watching and having a little flutter on a Saturday afternoon.


Jack of Grants RemovalsJack is my son. He left school at 16 and started with us full time the very next day and has been present ever since. He is now 24 and after 8 years of learning the industry inside and out has recently become our 2nd Surveyor. To be honest I thought he was too young, but he is very ambitious and kept nagging me to be given the chance to prove himself. Well in the end I did, and to be honest in a very short space of time he has already surpassed all of my expectations and I am very proud of him. Jack has grown up watching me build this business from nothing to what it is today, he has my passion for the company because he knows all the blood sweat and tears it has taken to make it what it is and one day it will all be his (god help him!)


Sacha is one of HGV drivers,he has worked for local Removal companies for more than 20 years. He is the quiet one on the firm, not saying a lot, but is hardworking and can turn an 18 ton lorry on a sixpence. He`s got more kids than I’ve had hot dinners – I think he comes to work for a bit of peace and quiet!


Scott of Grants RemovalsScott is our other HGV driver. This is his 2nd time around with us after moving away to Cornwall then deciding to come back. In his spare time he is a budding magician and is never far away from a pack of cards. He`s another joker and has always got a new video on his phone to share. If you are of a nervous disposition please don`t look.


Des of Grants RemovalsUnfortunately is a Chelsea fan, but on the plus side he has worked as a supervisor/driver, transport manager, and warehouseman for over 25 years and knows probably more about removals than anybody else in the firm. I have known Des as a family friend over for 20 years and he has worked with us as a driver/supervisor for around 5 years.


Steve of Grants RemovalsSteve is one of our 7.5 ton drivers. He is very experienced in all aspects of the industry. I have known Steve as a family friend for nearly 25 years,and he has worked for me since 2012. He thinks he`s a bit of a joker, well we do laugh at him but mainly because he is little and ginger.


Lee of Grants RemovalsOr Uncle Lee as I affectionately call him, among other things, has been with me from the start. He has worked with me for nearly twenty years on and off, man and boy. He has watched and helped the firm grow to what it is today, for which I’m very grateful. His favourite part of the job is packing, I think mainly because it means he can spend a lot of time in the warm. Bless him.


Roy of Grants RemovalsRoy is our oldest and most experienced porter. He is our meanest china and glass packer and can whip through a kitchen like a swarm of locusts.

Roy loves to sing, so watch out for him in the bars of Sutton belting out Elvis songs at the top of his voice, unfortunately not always on a karaoke night.


Deano of Grants RemovalsDeano is our mechanic, he looks after our fleet of vehicles come rain or shine. As part of our operators licence we have to have all our vehicles inspected on a regular basis. It’s called a preventative maintenance inspection, this ensures that all our vehicles are in tip top condition, and lessens the risk of breakdowns on the road. Which is better for us and for our customers.

Deano and his wife were keen motor racers, out every weekend racing round muddy fields, but since the arrival of baby number three they’ve had to hang up their driving gloves.

Sonny & Liam

Sonny & Liam are brothers and have worked for me as porters for around 2-3 years. They are both great lads, hardworking and reliable. Affectionately we call them the Twins, Pinky and Perky or Sonny and Cher!


Dean of Grants RemovalsDean is one of our porters and has worked for us on and off for about 10 years now. He is an Arsenal fan but we don`t hold that against him. Dean is a hard worker, is always happy to help, and has always got a smile on his face.

The other members of our staff are far too ugly to have photos put up on this page, so at the moment we are just airbrushing some of their pics and as soon as they are ready I will introduce them to you.