Awkward Access Moves

Awkward Access Removals Services

When access to premises through stairs or doorways is restricted Grants Removals & Storage Ltd can arrange a hoist for your household removal.

It is quick and easy to install and has the capability to go from the 1st – 12th floor carrying up to 300kg.

We recently moved a customer into an awkward access 2nd floor conversion flat in Kingston with a very tight staircase.

With the use of the hoist the off load of 1000cuft of furniture and effects was successully completed in just two hours.

It really is quick, easy and a great labour saving device.

Please call our office on 0808 100 1960 for more details.

Awkward Access Removals Services

We recently moved a client from The Island in Thames Ditton, Surrey. Access to the property was very limited, so we had to inlist the help of the local boat yard for a little assistance.

The move took us three days to complete. The first day was spent carefully wrapping and export packing the china glass, chandeliers, paintings and bronzes.

The next two days were spent ferrying all the furniture and effects across the Thames.

The rain stayed away, the sun shone, so it was perfect conditions for a little jaunt on the high seas!

The boys enjoyed the experience, the customer was happy, what more can I say.